Thursday, January 14, 2021

Ava's vacation

     I have come up with a story using emojis

Here are the emojis:

    Ava was just finishing her soup when she got a call, it was work. They say that she has been fired but didn't say why, it was a very hard job to find and very hard for her to get a job. She wanted to start looking for a new job right away so that she could pay rent. Ava finally found a job at a dance studio where she taught dance and made just enough money to pay rent. 

    After a few years of teaching her job offered a business trip to teach other dance studios how they teach there students because she was so good at teaching. When she was finished teaching the studios she wanted a vacation. 

    She first went to a zoo and saw lots of cool animals and when she left she saw something right from the corner of her eye. She looked again and there was a monkey out of it's cage! She went to go tell the owners but then the monkey held its hand as if wanting her to stop. When she looked back at the monkey she could see cuts and some scrapes from bad monkeys taunting and bullying this little monkey. She decided to take it home to her Airbnb where she was staying.

    She wanted to get into a new hobby so she picked out a bunch of hobbies and just wanted to go down the list. The first hobby was painting, she wanted to learn how to do it so that she can make paintings and sell them as a side job to make a little bit more money. She started to get frustrated because the monkey kept ruining her paintings and she just could learn how to really paint that well. So she gave the monkey to another zoo. It has been a while and Ava is liking this place so she quits her job at the dance studio and gets an apartment to live in for a while. Now she wants to try another hobby: playing the trumpet. Before she could play she had rent one so as she is walking over to the music store she sees a little puppy that looks abandoned so she says to herself that if it is still here when she gets back then she will take it home and raise it as her own.

    Ava walks into the store asks the clerk if she can rent a trumpet and so he hands a box with a trumpet inside to her pays for it and then starts walking home. She sees the dog again so she kept her promise and brought it home with her and the puppy seemed happy to be in a house instead of scared.

    Ava has been practicing and trying to learn the trumpet but just can understand it or get it. She gets really sad and gets a bowl of ice cream to think about why she came here and what she is doing until she gets it. She took a vacation to learn and try something new and find what she really wants to do. Then she gets an idea, singing or karaoke. 

    She gets super happy and wants to rush over to a place for karaoke so she gets in her car and realizes mice were in her car but she cant let anything let her mood down so she scares them away and start driving but goes a little to fast and a cop pulls her over and got a speeding ticket. When she finally gets to the karaoke she sings a few songs and it turns out she loves it and is great at it. She eventually starts a singing career and gets really rich and famous and lives a great life.

That is the end of my story made from my imagination with a little help from emojis. 

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