Friday, November 20, 2020

The Spanish Influenza

                                                                             The Spanish Influenza

The Spanish Influenza was one of the worst diseases in history, back then they thought it was as bad as the black plague in fact they almost called it the black plague. There is a disease triangle in which is in every disease first is the environment and the environment is what can really help the virus or almost kill it for an example the cold is really good for viruses. Next is the pathogen and that is what the virus is. The last is the host the one that is infected or with the Spanish influenza a human was the host. Here is a graph of the disease triangle.

Click on the picture to see in full screen 

The pathogen for the Spanish Flu was H1N1 with genes of Avian origin. The Spanish Flu is highly contagious just like COVID-19 it is transmitted when someone that is sick coughs, sneezes, or even talks the virus goes into the air and someone breathes it in they have the virus. The symptoms were the typical flu symptoms: Chills, Fever and Fatigue and usually recovered well but when fall came it were the usual symptoms but within hours or a few days they would turn blue and get fluid in there lungs and suffocating them. 
    There was no effective treatment or drug to treat the virus and there was no cure. 50 million people died from the Spanish flu and 500 millions got infected about 1/3 of the worlds population. 


Monday, September 21, 2020

How to prepare for an emergency

                              How to Prepare for an emergency

Emergency's happen and you need to prepare for them, the first thing you need to do is make an emergency kit.  Emergency kits consist of things to help you get through the week depending on what kind of emergency it is it might not take that long. Emergency kits should have things like food water and and tools or supply's like a radio. The next thing you need to do is identify what's happening so use the radio and figure out what's happening. After you figured out what kind of emergency it is you should have an evacuation route or a couple so you can get out of town.


                                                                            My Passions 

                                                                    Part 2

A lot of videos can teach you how to MTB or mountain bike but there are two channels that I would recommend, GMBN global mountain bike network, and a pro that doesn't really teach but is fun to watch witch the name is Fabio Wibmer. I will post links down below.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My Passions

                                                                 My Passions

    One of my favorite passions is mountain biking. Mountain biking is my passion because I love jumps and everything to do with mountain biking. I bike almost everyday and when I'm not riding I'm either watching videos or reading about it.


Monday, September 14, 2020


  My Experience in First Lego League

    First Lego League or FLL was very fun, you get to build a robot and program it to do really cool missions.

    It's not hard to learn how to build the robots because they have great instructions. Learning how to program it though may be a little harder but after some reading and videos it makes much more since. There are things in the programming that are easy to learn or are basic and there are things in it that barely make any since but even more reading and videos you'll understand it way better.

    When you get to the FLL battling you don't battle first hand. The first thing you have to do is go to different classrooms and answer some of the judges questions. After questions you have lunch and then you get your robot ready. After your robot is ready you battle which is using your robot and programming for getting as much points as possible. After the battles and classrooms the judges give you points and places and if your in 4th place you make it to the next battles which would be in a few months.

Facts about me

 Fact 1. I'm in sixth grade

Fact 2. I play a lot of sports

Fact 3. I love working with computers and robots

Fact 4. I really like sailing in port Townsend

Fact 5. I love to build things

Fact 6. I am very introverted

Fact 7. I love school

Fact 8. My favorite subject is science

Fact 9. My blog is about the classwork I do in science class.

The Spanish Influenza